Where it all Begins 
Come with us on your own journey. 

We at Journey have set ourselves a tremendous but challenging task: We aim to provide the country's best possible early learning experience. To achieve this goal, we are looking for people as passionate as we are to support us on our path to exceeding with their passion for their profession and continuous drive to improve.  

So: If you are committed, idealistic and motivated and want to grow your career with us, your personal Journey experience could start right here, right now. 

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You are motivated, skilled and team spirit is your nature. And you are convinced that you would be an excellent fit for us?

Then we can't wait to hear from you and hopefully welcome you to our team soon.

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Why Journey

Every position in our team -whether it is in one of our centres or in the support office- aims to inspire, support, teach and nurture our children. And that is exactly the reason why we at Journey consciously put our team in the focus of our efforts.

Because we know that every single member of our team makes the difference and takes us further on the way to give our children the best possible start to lifelong learning.

Why Journey



Whether on-site at one of our centres or in our support offices, we are convinced that our talent team always finds that one amazing person for every single position. Because all together, we form this outstanding team. You can feel it every day and we are very proud of it.  
Find out more about your future colleagues here. 

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Recruitment Process

You want to know what happens after you submit your application. Of Course. We fully understand that. Find out more about what the next steps in the Journey process look like and what you can expect in a nutshell.  

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